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100% of the proceeds are donated to the MAKE-A-WISH Foundation!

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Books by Bob

  • Up Side Up Real Estate Investing
  • SOLD on Change!
  • A Daily Difference
  • Answers from Experts on BUYING a Home
  • Answers from Experts on SELLING a Home
  • Who Needs The Bank?

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A Life Changing Event

See the LATEST Market Update, and 30 years worth of data!

Find out what to do on this ever changing Market

Meet some of the most successful individuals around the country

Build valuable relationships and meet each other's needs

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All you need to bring is an open Mind!

100% of the proceeds are donated to the MAKE-A-WISH Foundation!

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Banks turn down 1 out of every 3 borrowers who apply for a loan!

This tight lending environment has created the


o earn more money, in less time with little effort!

Our Note Business Builder training is GUARANTEED 

to provide new and innovative ways to help clients no one else is serving!

Ron Becker – Antioch, IL

Structure loans for Buyers, Sellers, & Investors, calculate payments & determine yields on private money notes


Hundreds of novice and experienced investors use Bob’s NoteCarry software to structure complex note deals in under a minute

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Success Proven Individuals

Bob Zachmeier |

From Tucson AZ, has been a real estate investor since 1982, sold more than 4,000 homes as Owner/Broker ofRead More...

Walter Wofford |

From Jackson MS, has over 30 years of investment experience and is an expert at seller financing and self-directedRead More...

Quincy Long |

From Houston TX, is a nationally renowned Self-Directed IRA Authority. Quincy is a licensed attorney of 25 years andRead More...

Kevin Stroup |

From Indianapolis IN, has been investing creatively for many years in real estate including notes, owner financing, lease options,Read More...
October 6th–7th, 2023 REGISTER NOW
October 6th–7th, 2023 REGISTER NOW